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After 25 years of exhibiting activity, Peter Herrmann is allowing himself a bit of slowness. The gallery has thus postponed its programming due to relocation. Please be patient until April. Good things take time.

In addition to planning exhibitions, we remain active in the art trade. Many pieces of classical African art are on display on the gallery’s web domain. We’d particularly like to direct your attention to our area of specialty these past few years: bronzes from various collections dating from the 13th century.

In recent years, artists from Africa have been receiving more and more attention. Museum sales are increasing. A great number of young talents are waiting to be discovered. Until we introduce some of them to you in the near future, we’re currently concentrating on sales of established artists:


We offer – works by:
Sunday Jack Akpan.
Laura Anderson Barbata.
Berry Bickle.
Angelika Böck.
Frédéric Bruly Bouabré.
Mansour Ciss.
Liz Crossley.
Jean-Luc Cornec.
Mamadou Gomis.
Pierre Granoux.
Nicole Guiraud.
Ayana Velissia Jackson.
Daniel Kojo Schrade.
Bill Kouélany.
Marcia Kure.
Goddy Leye.
Zohra Opoku.
George Osodi.
Chéri Samba.
Jürgen Schadeberg.
Ralf Schmerberg.
Klaus Schnocks-Meusen.
Pascale Marthine Tayou.
Manuela Warstat.

Skeletton by Bill Kouelany

Bill Kouélany
(Documenta 12)
84,5 x 194 cm
Brazzaville, 2007

George Osodi
(Documenta 12)
AJ City Body Builder
C-Print on Alu-Dibond
80 x 120 cm
Lagos, 2007


AJ City Body Builder

Graue Linie
Bronzens | Paul Garn Collection

Paul Garn Collection, Dresden. 1920
Ife-Style, Nigeria
+- 1430
32 cm >>


Collection Overview >>




Maske der Marka
Ife Head GPaul Garn Collection





Paul Garn Collection, Dresden. 1920
Marka, Mali, about 1650
29 cm >>

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All our pieces are tested by the Laboratory Ralf Kotalla, the world’s oldest private laboratory for thermoluminescence analysis and our partner for 25 years. >>
Laboratory Ralf Kotalla

Graue Linie

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  Sokey Edorh
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Sokey Edorh
Les mutations
Acrylic, laterite, plants and charcoal on hand-woven cotton
Lomé, 2013.
250 x 182 cm

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