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Ancient Art from Africa
Graue Linie

Tusia, Burkina Faso
Wood, abrus pecatorius (bead tree), earth, leather
47 x 83 cm
Collected 1995

Graue Linie

This mask was propably never used and is therefor totally worthless for an ethnological collector. Some strange members of a family-clan of an auctionhouse in south Germany would describe it even as "firewood". It's a simple logic. What was not stumpling around and was not magicly bewhispered, proofed through nothing then some europeans, is not able to load wealth. The kudi-spirit's not there. Ahem.

Doesn't matters too much. Peter Herrmann is selling this beautifully carved object in order to a friend. Its worth so much, that it is given a german and an english programmed page in the internet.

Don't hesitate to ask for the price.



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