El Niño 300 dpi

Medusa 300 dpi

Ubbo Enninga

My African Soul

Opening, June 29 | 7 pm
Solo-Exhibition, June 30 - August 5, 2006

Pluto 300 dpi

The human being is the middlepoint of Ubbo Enninga's work: portraits and figures of people of African descent in clay, iron and bronze are the main theme of the exhibition. Formal perfection, intellectual depth and technical know-how are the pillars of the sculptor's work.

Ubbo Enninga encircles the African anthropos, shows it in actual likenesses and in mystical reference. Strong characters, whose peace is interrupted with spores of the casting process and a rough, pulsating patina. The dynamic gestures are stilled between earthly individuality and the etheric pantheon.

At intervals, the Peter Hermann Gallery exhibits the work of European artists whose theme has an African content. This is the first stage in the planning of a future exhibition exchange project in various African countries and in Germany.

Ubbo Enninga is born 1955 in Biedenkopf/Germany. He lives and works in Berlin und Stuttgart.

Ubbo Enninga.

El Niño II
My African Soul I

Oben Unten

cast No. 2
El Niño II

  El Niño am Bodensee

first cast of El Niño on Lake Constance

El Niño in Biedenkopf

The second cast of El Niño at Biedenkopf