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Jürgen Schadeberg

Bye Bye Berlin


Voices from the Land & City in South Africa today

Voices from the Land

A gallery opening, a farewell gala, and an 82nd birthday party, all in one night.

Although Berlin-born Jürgen Schadeberg and his wife Claudia are already leaving the city they had hoped to settle in, after having returned for only two years. They are moving on, to the south of Spain, where people will be willing to be photographed once more. We would like to hold a joyous vernissage a few days before he leaves and celebrate the move and his birthday with him.


In the exhibition we will show some 60 photographs extracted from the series Voices from the Land and Tales from Jozi. An accompanying film program is being prepared.

Voices from the Land depicts black and white images of agrarian South Africa, where people continue to live in near feudalism until today, and poverty is close at hand. This subtle and calm series displays the documentarian claim of the photographer. In contrast is the series Tales from Jozi. Here, the blazing city life jumps to color and shows us Johannesburg in all its facets. The books on these series and others, such as The Black and White Fifties, which we exhibited in 2003, will be sold in the gallery.

oben Xmas Girls

Bye Bye Berlin, A farewell show and 82nd Birthday Party!
Exhibition: March 19, - April, 27, 2013
Opening Party with Food, Drinks, Live-Music: March 18, 2013 | 7 pm.

Mike Russel - Guitar
Max Hughes - Bass
Kenny Martin - Drums
Lionel Haas - Keyboard
Soulymane Touré - Talking Drum

Xmas-Girls, Jo'burg

Beyond Apartheid


A collaborative project of the Goethe-Forum with the Arsenal/Friends of the German Cinema, Galerie Peter Herrmann, the Kalkscheune and the Goethe Institutes in Berlin and Johannesburg.

Frau Christina Rau, spouse of the German President, and Prof. Dr. J. Limbach, President of the Goethe Institute, were present at the exhibition opening.



at Galerie Peter Herrmann: 23.10.03 - 22.11.2003 | at the Goethe-Institute: 23.10.03 - 15.01.04

Additional photos from the opening, which was attended by Christina Rau, Dolly Rathebe, Claudia Schadeberg, Jutta Limbach and around 300 notable guests, can be seen here.



Concert with Dolly Rathebe: 23. October at the Kalkscheune
Film series: 24. - 26. October at the Kino Arsenal







Images of the opening


Frau Christina Rau

Photos - Opening

Frau Prof. Jutta Limbach


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Exhibitions in Cooperation with Galerie Peter Herrmann

Retrospektive 2003
L'Afrique á venir. Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn
Africome Stadthalle Oelsnitz
Groß und Quer
Visualisierte Rhythmen. Waschhaus Potsdam

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The Black and White Fifties
Jürgen Schadeberg's South Africa