Sokari Douglas Camp


Sokari Douglas Camp

Solo Exhibition

January 31, - March 20, 2004

Our exhibition was running parallel to other major projects that the artist was involved in, including the 4th Plinth competition in London as well as a site-specific commission for the new Deutsche Welle construction in Bonn.

Opening Speeches: Manuela Sambo, Artist, Achim Kubinski, Galerist, Curator, Publicist

Sokari Douglas Camp was one of six artists to have been shortlisted for a commission for the Fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. The square contains a large empty plinth, which is periodically graced by a new sculpture. The other contending artists were: Chris Burden, Stefen Gec, Sarah Lucus, Marc Quinn and Thomas Schütte.

The winner of the Fourth Plinth competition was announced on March 15th.

Up until the day of the jury's announcement, the Evening Standard reported that public votes placed Sokari in the lead with 39%, whereas Marc Quinn from the Saatchi connection followed with only 24% and Thomas Schütte with 11%. However, the jury awarded the commission to both Marc Quinn and Thomas Schütte, who will each have their sculptures on display for half of the foreseen exhibit period.

Though we are disappointed by the results, we are very happy that Sokari had the opportunity to participate and was so well received by the public. Thanks to everyone for your votes and support.

Pictures at an exhibition

Sokari's homepage

No-o-war-r No-o-war-r

4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square

London Evening Standard


The British Museum
Views from Africa

No one could have guessed how the world would change when Europeans first arrived in West Africa 500 years ago. Views from Africa, the second season of Africa at the British Museum, tells a story of the most ordinary and extraordinary encounters.

While much attention is being paid to a large ensemble of figures by the artist grouped together in front of the British Museum in London, this newsletter will provide you with yet another piece of information:


For her activities in the fields of art and sculpture, Sokari Douglas Camp received an important award of the British honours system: as from June 2005, she is a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) I will be glad to pass your congratulations on to her..


Africa Screams
Kunsthalle Wien
University of Bayreuth
Kunstverein Aalen
Museum der Weltkulturen in Frankfurt
The evil in cinema, art and cult
2004 - March 2006

The gallery was represented with Sokari Douglas Camp and ancient art from Africa from the Peter Herrmann Collection.


The Living Memorial
Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa

The final shortlist for the Living Memorial has been announced.

Jane Trowell, Sokari Douglas Camp, Jeff Jackson, Siraj Izhar, George Knott, Emily Johns, Frances Newman, Emmanuel Jegede and David A. Bailey


A Feast for Neptun
Deutsche Welle

The figure, made of welded steel and overloaded with details, is standing in water. Due to its moving form, it seems to be walking through the water. To its feet, there are some steel-made fish romping about. The most striking element, however, is the head ornamentation: a large feather wreath with net and a long flag ribbon beside a fish made of shimmering blue glass, which seems to be landing on the figure´s head.

In good companionship


Afrika! Afrika!

The Magical Circus Experience from the Continent of Wonder

Accompanying Exhibition:
Sokari Douglas Camp
Nicole Guiraud
Philip Kwame Apagya
Barthélémy Toguo
Boubacar Touré Mandémory
Dominique Zinkpè

André Heller's team travelled Africa for almost two years. From between Mali and Morocco, Egypt and South Africa, along all coasts and from the interior, as well as in the African Diaspora, they have found fascinating artists: dancers, musicians, eccentrics and acrobats who seduce their audiences with tempo, energy and the expression of an exuberant joy of living. Their circus theatre aims to offer a "pleasure to the senses for children and adults, workers and intellectuals".


More familiar until now has been the traditional European circus with animals, tightrope acts, magicians and clowns. We have also come to appreciate Russian circus. And it was also André Heller who introduced the world of Chinese circus to western audiences in 1986. Now, on 14 December this year, he will present Africa! Africa! for the first time in Frankfurt am Main. Acts performed to the highest perfection and artistic courage combine with the performers' joy and enthusiasm; not least this confident vitality will distinguish this circus above all others. Despite their differing styles, the artists share the mood of exploration. The continent's creative force reveals itself in their ensemble in an "unsurpassable, beautiful parade of wonders".
More than 120 African artists and acrobats take part in the show. Many of them come from three African circus schools, cooperation partners in this project. With the material and logistics support of Afrikanische Zirkus GmbH & Co. KG, they develop their contribution to André Heller's programme out of their own culture.

What is presented here is not mere folklore, but modern African Art cradled in the great cultural tradition. The best example of this is the choreograph George Momboye, now living in the Paris Diaspora. A large part of the direction lies in his hands. Besides the artistic performances, he also selects the masks and costumes, music, dance and how the show unfolds in the ring, and all this in a unique interior setting.
The Moorish-style tent palace, imaginatively painted interior and floors covered with Berber carpets also form a part of this travelling theatre's overall work of art. Visitors can wander for hours in another world. A world to be experienced during the performance, as well as in the breaks - in the African Café or on the African market heavy with the scent of exotic, far-away places. Some of this might live up to our expectations and mythical dreams, but other parts will come as a pronounced surprise. A contemporary gallery shows unusual exhibits and where most people will see pictures of Africa very new to them. Like dance and music, graphic arts is a form in which Africans understand how to express themselves exceptionally well, more continentally and less nationally. 
Just as the circus theatre will develop out of Africa with the support of the circus schools, it will also flow back to Africa with a part of the box-office takings. One Euro from each sold ticket will go to a support fund that will be used exclusively to promote cultural projects.

This aims to encourage the endeavours of Africans to achieve recognition through their cultural identity and visions for the future. UNESCO has acknowledged this commitment by assuming the patronage for Africa! Africa! There is a cooperation agreement with the Goethe Institute for the development and support of cultural projects in Africa. As early as the preparation phase, Doubou Diéne, special United Nations commissioner on racism, xenophobia and discrimination, expressed his sympathy for André Heller's latest project Africa! Africa!

Tickets: AFRIKA-AFRIKA-Hotline 01805- 72 52 99.

to: Afrika-Afrika

Sokari Douglas Camp. Rickety Market Stall