Sokari Douglas Camp
The Gallery was cooperating with the artist from 1995 till 2007.

Bin Laden Pieta
Man on Man
Naked Gelede

Bike 2000
Cross We Bear
Pouch Girl

Age Flame Head

Beauty Flame Head

Council House Gelede
Coloured Family
Tree Gelede
Alali Aru


Sokari Douglas Camp - Galeriegeschichte / History of Relation

Einzelausstellung/Solo-Exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
1998. Echolot. Stuttgart, Germany.

Einzelausstellung/Solo-Exhibition. Galerie Peter Herrmann
2004. Sokari Douglas Camp. Berlin, Germany.

Gruppenausstellungen/Group-Exhibitions. Galerie Peter Herrmann:
Around and Around
Vielfaches Echo
Art Cologne dt. / engl.
L'Afrique à venir. Potsdam
L'Afrique á venir. Kühlungsborn
Visualisierte Rhythmen
Groß und Quer

Deutsche Welle Feast for Neptun
(click "Kunst am Bau")

Revue Noire
Art Cologne Dec 2003
Die Welt 13. Februar 2004.
TAZ. Die Tageszeitung 25. Februar 2004.
Berliner Morgenpost 27. Februar 2004.
BBC. 4th Plinth 27. Februar 2004.
Ostsee-Zeitung, Rostock. 24. April 2004.
Der Städteanzeiger Bad Doberan 1. Mai 2004
Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten. 6. Juli 2004.
Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung 09.07.2005
The Observer 26.10.2005

Smithsonian Institution, Washington:

Jo and Push Chair

School Run
Tartan Push Chair
Rickety Market Stall

Alagba in Limbo

Market Stall
African with Child on Back

He, She

Naked Fish
Chief Amachree




Flying Fish

Big Alagba
Family Tree Gelede
Mad Cow Bus Stop Gelede

Wedding Cake Gelede


Oil Nigeria Prayers

Guns and Oil

No War
Guns Nigeria Suicide

Saint Ali


2004-2006 - Bayreuth, Aalen, Vienna, Frankfurt

Africa Screams
Das Böse in Kino, Kunst und Kult
The evil in cinema, art and cult


2004 - Bonn, Germany

Deutsche Welle
A Feast for Neptun

The figure, made of welded steel and overloaded with details, is standing in water. Due to its moving form, it seems to be walking through the water. To its feet, there are some steel-made fish romping about. The most striking element, however, is the head ornamentation: a large feather wreath with net and a long flag ribbon beside a fish made of shimmering blue glass, which seems to be landing on the figure´s head.


2005 - London, UK

- Views from Africa
Africa 05
Africa Garden - British Museum


2005 - London, UK

For her activities in the fields of art and sculpture, Sokari Douglas Camp received an important award of the British honours system: as from June 2005, she is a Commander of the British Empire (CBE)


2005 - London, UK

The Living Memorial

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa

The final shortlist for the Living Memorial has been announced.

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