Myriam Mihindou

Division plastique, 1999/ 2000, 24 x 36 mm


From October 20 to November 17, 2007, the Galerie Peter Herrmann presents c-prints and a video by Myriam Mihindou. Her self reflexive pictures deal with the female body and its representation. Forcibly strangulated hands or feet refer to extrinsic threat, that the body constantly is caught in. The vulnerability of oneself and the searching for the separate identity are basic components in the work of Myriam Mihindou.
The artist was born in Libreville/ Gabon, studied in France and lives in Morocco currently. Being aware of feeling home in two cultures she works on a universal picture language. She combines the contemporary and the traditional, she works as a sculptor and even her numerous photographs and videos she sees as a reproduction of an organic sculpture.

Myriam Mihindou vor ihrer Arbeit Lame, C-Prints, 60x90 cm, 2000



Yom, 1999/ 2000, 24 x36 mm

Memory cristal, C-Print, 2003/ 2004, 72 x 72 cm
Maia, C-Print, 2007, 60 x 90 cm

Warda, Videostills, CD, 2/ 9, 2002/ 2003

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