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Nicole Guiraud & Ransome Stanley & Daniel Kojo Schrade & Amouzou Glikpa & Goddy Leye & George Osodi & Mario Ohno & Chéri Samba


From the 26th to the 28th of March 2010, Sandton Convention Centre will be the home for 23 participating galleries, featuring the work of over 400 artists and 40 designers from South Africa and the greater continent. The Joburg Art Fair showcases the cream of contemporary artistic production and is a critical platform for positioning African artists as players in the international art arena.
In its 3rd consecutive year, the Joburg Art Fair has established itself as a key event on the calendars’ of galleries, artists, buyers, sellers, international collectors and the like, as well as anyone with an interest in contemporary art, design and culture from the continent. As the only event of its kind in Africa, the Joburg Art Fair aims to represent the continent.
From its inception in 2008, the Joburg Art Fair has combined the various disciplines of art. The project has been driven by the desire to make contemporary art and design more accessible and available to the public. And it’s working. The Art Fair’s second year saw a 50 percent increase in numbers, with the total visitor count rising to 10 000.
In addition to the galleries, 11 special projects have been created to give new and emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their works. These projects offer visitors an experience that goes beyond the purely commercial.
The overarching theme for the 2010 Fair is ‘Art & Industry’. A series of projects will mirror the international move towards the beneficial collaboration of artists with industry. The Joburg Art Fair is a forum for these exchanges and dialogues to take place. The partnership of Art & Industry is a catalyst for fresh perspectives and solutions in production that are both inspired and progressive. Art breathes new life into industry, and this synergy serves the growing demand for the contemporary and ‘cool’.

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Daniel Kojo Schrade
George Osodi

Johannesburg Art Fair 2010
Mario Ohno
Black Box
Goddy Leye
Chéri Samba

William Kentridge
Anne Peter exhausted

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Political and Cultural Relations between South Africa and Germany. Speach by Peter Herrmann at the Johannesburg Art Fair. March 28, 2010

Graue Linie

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